Saturday, October 28, 2006

Little Update

Well, my Sugar Orange Slices... I have so much to tell you!

First off I'm back from my vacation and much to my surprise my little JuJu was already home! I guess I forgot to pack him. Le sigh, I always do that. He's been giving me the cold shoulder ever since I returned. I brought him back a fancy glass and one of those toy monkeys with the velcro on it's arms from the Rainforest Cafe and it seems nothing can mend his little broken heart. Sometimes he acts like such a child. We're also having a little tiff over his diaper boycott but that's another story, darlings!

What else? Oh yes, Ava and Cora have been building us a web receptical for displaying our fashions. They've worked so hard. Sometimes if I listen real hard at night I can hear the faint sounds of gentle weeping coming from the computer room. Poor dears.

Anyhoo, I'd better go, we've just popped in a bootleg copy of Elizabethtown and I'm on popcorn duty. Oh and the store's open in 20 minutes.


CronoCloud said...

Why yes, the opening was very nice, except the armed escorts you sent to bring us to the opening were a bit how might one say, much. I mean C-Tech armor is quite fashionable but a bit overpowered to protect the wares from ravenous, swooning fashionistas.

Thank goodness Dr Ezekiel was there with smelling salts and electroshock.

The Junon gown was and is to die for, literally. I'm sorry, that stupid guard was in my way and not even C-Tech armor can protect oneself from a katana thrust straight through the eye and into the brain. The constable said it was justifiable homicide, of course.

There were other personages there as you well know from your spy cameras placed throughout the boutique, don't think I didn't see them.

It was quite forward thinking of yourselves to not be personally present. The comments would have burned your ears: "Those beetches want to put me in the poorhouse." "Who do they think they are with the distracting antlers. They're not shoving them down our throats like the neko ears this season."

I, of course, took photos for posterity but in my orgiastic splurging forgot to take notes.
But I'll do what the press has always done, just make something up that sounds good.

You might want to clean up the monkey droppings near the fruit bowl, it appears JuJu was in there.

(In all seriousness thanks for the invite and I had fun shopping with the other fashionistas.)

Grazia said...

Prue.. you have been tagged... if you can let go of your craze of the day for a moment.. I would love to read your facts. More details on my blog: