Tuesday, October 24, 2006


STOP! ENOUGH! This fall campain has tortured me to no end and my blood curdling sisters say my behavior this season is the, "fifth sign I'm the host body for anti-christ." Whatevaaaaaaa.

Juju and I are moving out of the mansion. We're going przz-imal, baby, getting in touch with our innards. I wish my sisters will know half the joy and bliss I'm sure I'm about to experience with this spur of the moment life choice.

Peru here we come! We've arranged to live on the flooded forest with some friendly tribesmen. You see, darlings, every year the Amazon floods the rain forests and I hear its quite beautiful. I was advised I should see it before our new factory opens in Japura.

Oh, Prue in Peru, how charming. Pure Prue Juju Peru Juju Prue Lu Peru Prue Juju Prue Juju Prue Juju Lu Lu Lu.

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