Monday, March 31, 2008

Announcement: Paper Couture joins Armidi!

--- April Fools!---
The Lu sisters are to merge their Paper Couture brand with Armidi by mid April, 2008. "We find Armidi amusing" said Ava Lu when asked why they decided join the Armidi girls. "We feel that we can bring a new level of couture to casual wear through Armidi". Prue Lu has stated that she will dedicate herself personally to dressing London and Adians pet cobra because, as she says, "animals are the future". Mare Lu, who is currently enrolled in a twelve step substance abuse program, grudgingly admitted that this is a good move for Paper Couture, as her sponsor insists she must make amends with the rival brand in order to heal. Mimi Lu, the youngest of the five sisters had this to say about the merge: "This is a once in a lifetime chance to work with people who have egos ALMOST as large as ours. Someone may lose an eye, but the end result will be a superlative virtual fashion collection, and that is worth losing the gift of sight for." Cora Lu could not be reached for comment. Rumour has it that she was inside her penthouse appartment, drinking Mojitos with a naked man less than half her age and watching The Bold & The Beautiful while the announcement was being made.