Saturday, October 28, 2006

Little Update

Well, my Sugar Orange Slices... I have so much to tell you!

First off I'm back from my vacation and much to my surprise my little JuJu was already home! I guess I forgot to pack him. Le sigh, I always do that. He's been giving me the cold shoulder ever since I returned. I brought him back a fancy glass and one of those toy monkeys with the velcro on it's arms from the Rainforest Cafe and it seems nothing can mend his little broken heart. Sometimes he acts like such a child. We're also having a little tiff over his diaper boycott but that's another story, darlings!

What else? Oh yes, Ava and Cora have been building us a web receptical for displaying our fashions. They've worked so hard. Sometimes if I listen real hard at night I can hear the faint sounds of gentle weeping coming from the computer room. Poor dears.

Anyhoo, I'd better go, we've just popped in a bootleg copy of Elizabethtown and I'm on popcorn duty. Oh and the store's open in 20 minutes.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


STOP! ENOUGH! This fall campain has tortured me to no end and my blood curdling sisters say my behavior this season is the, "fifth sign I'm the host body for anti-christ." Whatevaaaaaaa.

Juju and I are moving out of the mansion. We're going przz-imal, baby, getting in touch with our innards. I wish my sisters will know half the joy and bliss I'm sure I'm about to experience with this spur of the moment life choice.

Peru here we come! We've arranged to live on the flooded forest with some friendly tribesmen. You see, darlings, every year the Amazon floods the rain forests and I hear its quite beautiful. I was advised I should see it before our new factory opens in Japura.

Oh, Prue in Peru, how charming. Pure Prue Juju Peru Juju Prue Lu Peru Prue Juju Prue Juju Prue Juju Lu Lu Lu.

Cora's Immanent Death

Today I received news that our great Aunt Hildah's 2nd Cousin's fish Fire-Engine, whom I've always loved dearly, has passed away after a brave bout with fish breast cancer.
This tragedy forced me to think about my own death. Because I know that my "family" will screw it up, I'd like my funeral wishes to be publicly known. When I decide to take my own life I want my sisters to crush me into a diamond and encase me in a rotating crystal box with a 10 foot flame shooting out the top, possibly in a famous french museum. Children will have to stay 5 feet back and wear protective glasses while adults weep at the awesome sight of the flame as it chars birds and planes mistakenly flying over because they were blinded by the bling of my forever gem.
Also our new fall line is coming together nicely.


Friday, October 20, 2006


so today ava made me a sandwich and it was totally good except for the little random seeds on the bread whats that alla bout lolidontknowsometimesithinkishouldhavebeenborninthe 17th century

Monday, October 16, 2006

monday evening

I am but a budding lifeling
as my world condenses into a plump,
little dew drop on the petal of a rose.(A rose that is crying out "FASHION!")
The rose cries out in despair as theword it screams forms into catty, bitch glue
and chokes the voice into silence.

As it is now quietly quiet the deer hooves
and fluffy bunny brains which make up the glue
start to singa song.

"Prue Lu come play. Mold us and make us your own." They whisper into the wind.

"I CAN'T!" I yell back to the wind.

A passer by throws me some change and harsh words and for a fleeting moment
I aspire to get cleaned up and find a job.
But I would rather buy a couple of beers
and hang out with Catherine."Catty" for short.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The internet is undeserving of our genius.