Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cora's Immanent Death

Today I received news that our great Aunt Hildah's 2nd Cousin's fish Fire-Engine, whom I've always loved dearly, has passed away after a brave bout with fish breast cancer.
This tragedy forced me to think about my own death. Because I know that my "family" will screw it up, I'd like my funeral wishes to be publicly known. When I decide to take my own life I want my sisters to crush me into a diamond and encase me in a rotating crystal box with a 10 foot flame shooting out the top, possibly in a famous french museum. Children will have to stay 5 feet back and wear protective glasses while adults weep at the awesome sight of the flame as it chars birds and planes mistakenly flying over because they were blinded by the bling of my forever gem.
Also our new fall line is coming together nicely.


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