Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Posh Pride

Normally we try not to read reviews as they send prue into a deep spiraling depression. I think we all remember the jungle incident from two seasons ago. However, there are some too delicious not to read. Thank you Posh Pride for making such a post. Never have i felt more insulted and flattered at the same time. This has got to be one of my favorite reviews of a collection we've done. If I could I would bronze it and put it on the wall.

The post is a bit long, but its well worth the read. Heres some highlights:

"It’s true most of the clothes are hardly wearable, but they enforce the silly brainless models we are to be creative as well: you can’t wear this new collection without a little bit of character. You need humour, you have to be self confident enough but with some distance on yourself too; you can’t be dressed in PC without a bit of attitude and/or self-derision. And if it’s not a fashion challenge, what is it?!"

"But nobody’s perfect, and The Lus are far to be. Or if they are, this is only as the perfect reflection of a gorgeous lover: a Love/Hate relationship. The man I would love with no condition is the one I could slap and kiss right after. I think Paper Couture inspires me the same feelings…"


Apatia Hammerer said...

I have to say... I don't think I've ever commented on a fashion blog post before, but I read that sweaty review like the fat housewife (that I may be) eats brownies. RABIDLY. My only comment is that I wanted to invite you all to the Super Fat Desperate Lonely Sweaty Housewife Fashion Tupperware party we're going to have at the Starlust in your honor.
- Shittycrappy freebies for ALL!!

Crystyle Bukowski said...

Hardly wearable?! I beg to differ. Last night I went swimming in every single one of the Paper Couture creations I own and not only did they deflect water like some sort of impenetrable fortress of fashion but they also had me looking like a candy coated baby angel. You sublime sisters will always be top notch in my book. Genius, pure and simple.

Cayden Morrisey said...

Dear Queens of our closets, my name is Cayden Morrisey and I'm *Posh Pride* PR (you could say Vyktor Martens' and Cayce Newell's slave, I would not contradict you, unfortunately).
These ladies after a long night of debauchery (to celebrate the amazing repercussions of your generous feedback) ordered me to thank you for your precious post. I'm submitting to this mission with a certain pleasure and assure you as soon as Vyktor will hold up her head from the toilets, and Cayce will realize she slept in the gutter,they'll be pleased to learn I knelt down in front of you (thing they just can't do as posh & proud girls)to honour your token of sympathy.
Be sure if you wish to wear the *POSH PRIDE* tag in your bad days, they'll be glad to add your famous names in their pretentious group...
Your servant,
Cayden Morrisey for *POSH PRIDE*