Thursday, April 03, 2008

Spring 2008 Collection

Darlings we missed you,

snapshots from the spring 2008 show

Collection now available in Tableau

shoes and accessories (main floor)

Outfits and wigs (second floor)


Roslin said...

As always, you ladies outdid yourselves. It was breathtaking.

Marina Xi said...

love love love it. Congratulations!

CronoCloud said...

Yes, I missed you, you move too quickly for my targeting skills. Don't think I didn't know who sent the neko assassin's. I will not be intimidated, not even by exquisitely all-black wearing fashionistas.

I was asked to write about the Spring collection for the Metro Models blog I decided to forgive you, I mean you are fabulous, and writing about you might mean the end to virtual assassination attem....... [NO CARRIER]