Friday, October 31, 2008

New Fall Release from Paper Couture

We feel that images speak louder than words so please enjoy the below video of a few select items from our new fall collection. All the items featured in this video are currently available in our stores. New handbags will be released at a later time, following a seprate announcement. - The Lu Sisters


Thaumata said...

Oh, I love it! I keep looking at all the lovely feathers coming up on etsy all the time now and wishing someone would do more of them in SL. Lovely!

Torrid said...


Jhuzen Ketsugo said...

Lovely! Who does the song? It is magical.

Arabella said...

very nice frocks

Maria Gherardi said...

grEAt video and an amazing collection! :)

caLLie cLine said...

aww so so so lovely, and just magical... so proud of you all... thanks for putting so much heart into your work, it touched mine.

xoxo, caLLie

Debbie said...

OMG Again lovely work.

Can't wait to buy it :)

Miriam Woyseck said...

Damn. I quite urgently need my account back.

Leila ` said...

I am in love with fashion but it is not often that I can find fashion to lust after that love.

The feeling of being a pimple face 13 year old girl who spent hours daydreaming about her slightly bald teacher who never manage to button his shirt all the way up had manage to creep upon me when I laid eyes on your designs. Quickly I clicked, clicked, clicked on that 'buy' option in hopes to capture and bottle that feeling.

I thank you girls for being such creative souls. Never stop creating such lustful designs.

AVENUE Magazine said...

what a poetic piece of video and collection :)

Kudos to the creators of both

True art in motion


Rusch Raymaker
AVENUE Magazine