Tuesday, August 31, 2010

paper couture happenings

To whom it may concern,

We want to thank all of you who voted us as "Best Couture" for the Second Style Stylies. Ava really does love the award.

In other news, 4 vintage Paper Couture menswear outfits were featured in the Virtual Fashion Lookbook Fall 2010. Thanks LL.

Also, and probably the biggest news of this blog post....soon we will be releasing a brand new collection soon.

All I can say right now is that this collection is a bit of a departure for us, and we're very excited.

Our second cousin three times removed on our mother's side of the family, Cici Vonderheide, will be making footwear with us this season.

Catch a sneak peek at the Modavia Fashion Week.

Best regards,

Ava, Cora and Cici Vonderheide

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